Based in Bristol (UK), we are an electronic waste disposal start-up that recycles e-waste safely and ethically. Our goals are to ensure your disposal is convenient, your data is protected and your goods are correctly recycled (and don't end up in landfill!).

Aiming to take almost any old, broken or unwanted electronic devices - this can be anything from a mobile phone, a laptop, an MP3 player or even certain kitchen appliances - we will process them with chemicals such as strong acids to extract metals and other useful materials that can be recycled and reused in any industry. Other electronic parts made of plastics, fibreglass, etc. will then be sent for general recycling.

We will soon run temporary collection points around the Bristol area, and will be available to collect large quantities of devices directly from your home or place of work during allocated pick-up days. We hope to have permanent collection points in the city centre soon too.

For e-waste... Trust ePhoenx​​.


Julian Precht

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

- BSc Biomedical Sciences

- MSc Medical Biotechnology & Business Management

- MSc Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ongoing)

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Shreeja Roy

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


- BSc Biochemistry

- MSc Medical Biotechnology & Business Management

Carla Botelho

Chief Financial Officer

- BSc Economics and Finance

- MSc Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ongoing)


Stefan Guitton

Chief Technical Officer

- BSc Product Design Technology

- MSc Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ongoing)


Interested in joining our dynamic team? Please use the contact form on the contact page to get in touch, or email your CV and cover letter to ephoenx@yahoo.com