ePHOENX at The Shard Demo Day

This was the day we had been preparing for... We practiced, prepared and pitched for what felt like the longest time and honestly it felt like that was all we were doing for the past couple of weeks! The night before, we added our last couple of slides and made sure we got a goodnight’s sleep (or at least I did!). On the day, we got ready in our most business-like outfits and headed to The Shard. If you’re anything like Julian, then an hour early is the latest time you should

ePHOENX makes it to the Top 5!

Remember when I told you we had to give a pitch in 3 minutes… well, we had to do it again, at the Warwick Campus Demo Day. This time we had four panellists, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs with start-up backgrounds, not to mention an audience of peers, judging our idea. (Scary much?!) Of course, I had butterflies in my stomach but with the magical 3 deep breaths, we pitched our idea! We are thrilled to announce that ePHOENX ranked 3rd in the Top 5 start-ups!!! So now we ar

ePHOENX goes to The Shard!

Since we launched ePHOENX, I have been overwhelmed with mixed feelings. From feeling so excited at the idea and wondering what our next step would be, to being overly cautious and planning our every single move. If I’m being completely honest, I have been going back and forth with the idea of ePHOENX. Where shall we take ePHOENX? What sort of impact do we want to leave? How can we get everyone involved? Are just some of the thoughts that cross my mind almost every minute of t