ePHOENX at The Shard Demo Day

This was the day we had been preparing for...

We practiced, prepared and pitched for what felt like the longest time and honestly it felt like that was all we were doing for the past couple of weeks! The night before, we added our last couple of slides and made sure we got a goodnight’s sleep (or at least I did!).

On the day, we got ready in our most business-like outfits and headed to The Shard. If you’re anything like Julian, then an hour early is the latest time you should get to The Shard by. So, of course, we were two hours early.

At the Shard, we were given a table where we could set up our stand. Since we got first pick, we naturally chose the one from where we had all of London behind us.

Once we were set up, we headed inside where we were going to be pitching in front of mentors, investors and venture capitalists and many other. After a touch-up of lipstick, a comb through the hair, and of course a picture, we were good to go!

The thing about pitching and presenting is that even when you have a tonne of practice there is always that chance that something that could go wrong. Hands shaking, voices trembling… I could go on. And honestly, at some point, whether it was in our course or in while pitching for ePHOENX we have experienced these feelings. The best thing to do in these situations, is to take the amazing 3 deep breaths and continue doing what you do. That’s exactly what we did.

We pitched our idea. We answered the questions. We listened to some other pitches. We got some food. We chatted with all the other incredible start-up teams.

Finally, in the evening we were joined with some students from Warwick Business School (WBS) and we were able to introduce our idea to them and answer any of the questions they had. This was very useful. It allowed us to potentially think of factors we might have missed, and not to mention interact with some of the finest business minds.

Meeting all these people was a fantastic experience and we are really looking forward to closely work with those who were interested in ePHOENX. All the comments and feedback received allowed us to get another perspective for our startup, enabling us to become aware of factors we never knew existed. We are looking forward to applying all the new knowledge to our startup!

A huge thank you to all those that showed interest in ePHOENX! We promise to keep you up to date with our happenings! Stay tuned!!

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