ePHOENX goes to The Shard!

Since we launched ePHOENX, I have been overwhelmed with mixed feelings. From feeling so excited at the idea and wondering what our next step would be, to being overly cautious and planning our every single move. If I’m being completely honest, I have been going back and forth with the idea of ePHOENX. Where shall we take ePHOENX? What sort of impact do we want to leave? How can we get everyone involved? Are just some of the thoughts that cross my mind almost every minute of the day. And just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore and that we should take a step back, Warwick Incubator stepped in and lent us the helping hand!

On the first of February, the team of Warwick Incubator (2017-18) organised a Mentor Day at The Shard. If you’re anything like us and want to expert opinion, this was the biggest blessing we could have asked for! As a team we were given a list of mentors that we were going to talk to and a 10-minute time limit to do so. Once the 10-minutes with a mentor was up, we moved onto the next. As Julian told me, it was almost like speed-dating (!) but with mentors. We pitched our idea to the mentors and asked for their feedback. It was such a relief to know that all the mentors thought this was a good idea and definitely worth taking forward. But what I appreciated the most was that all the mentors gave us specific and detailed points to take into consideration. Of course, I will not bore you with all those point but rather show you in our next blog posts! Stay tuned and have the best day!!

A personal thank you to Warwick Incubator, for organising the event and giving us this opportunity, and to all the mentors for showering us with their feedback!!

– Best wishes always, The co-founders of ePHOENX.

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