The Pitch

Have you ever had to pitch an idea in 3 minutes? If you did, you would know how hard it is! How do you convince someone that this is the idea to go for? If you’re anything like me and you know that although talking in front of people is something you’re pretty good at, you still have those butterflies fluttering inside you. As my luck would have it, the night before our pitch these butterflies were fluttering so hard that I could barely think straight. The words wouldn’t come out of my mouth and on top of that English somehow seemed like a foreign language to me! All I could think was how stupid I would look if I froze up or said something completely wrong. How on earth do you calm yourself in these situations?! The answer is simple. 3 deep breaths.

Sometimes, 3 deep breaths followed by practicing in front of an imaginary audience is all it takes to put things in perspective. After all, what was there to be nervous about?! We had this amazing idea that we wanted to share. And 3 minutes was more than enough to tell our audience all about it.

Thankfully Julian, who had some experience of pitching to an audience, helped me out and after 3 deep breaths (and a sip of wine) we took it from the top…

I am glad to be able to announce that our pitch was a success!

Now we will be able to pitch in front of everyone at the Warwick Demo Day on the 1st of March and try to assure our startup a spot during the Shard Demo Day on the 7th of March in London! Come and meet us this Thursday, we’ll be more than happy to get to know everyone and answer any questions you may have!

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